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A ministry for the nations!
Prophetess Redding has served for many years in ministry in America, but the calling on her life has also taken her to the nations...
                                                    United States


 Fiji                                                                                                      Switzerland

God opened the door to Australia through Pastor Danny Naliah of Catch The Fire Ministries. Prophetess also went to, Lighthouse Christian Church, Liverpool City Church, Glad Tidings Church and many more...
“She came recommended to me through my friends in London. And for sure she did not dissapoint us. Everyone who sat under her ministry have been tremendously blessed. You will certainly be blessed by this mighty woman of God!”
Pastor Danny Nalliah, Australia
Great Britain
While in England Prophetess Redding visited the following ministries, Beacon of Hope Ministries, Liberty Empowerment Church, New Hope Gospel Ministries, Dayspring Ministries, (Pastors Sidney and Joy Roye), Pneuma Christian Centre and Emmanuel Inspirational Church of God
“Lenell Redding is the most accurate international prophet we have worked with. Her ministry to our church is always evidenced with individual and church breakthough.”
Pastor Sidney and Joy Roye, Great Britain
“Prophet Lenell Redding has a God given grace to nurture, assist, and work with broken, disabled, and discouraged ministries on the verge of giving up hope and nurse them back to good spiritual health and right standing with God. I strongly recommend especially pastors to invite her to minister at your church."
Pastor Kevin Kerr, Great Britain
"Not only is Prophet Redding accurate with her prophecies, she is definately a great motivator and mentor to those who have been called to the office of the prophet but lack maturity. She has been an invaluable source of encouragement to me and my church over the years"
Reverend Jospeh Opare, Great Britain
"Prophetess Lenell Redding from USA is very specific and accurate in God's Prophetic Gifting. Prophet Thomas Manton IV, USA / UK
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Prepare/Holy Visitation--Eddie James
Prepare/Holy Visitation--Eddie James